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This Web site contains important information for parents about the Nonpublic Schools Early Childhood Development Program (NSECD) such as:

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You'll also be able to communicate with the Louisiana Department of Education, Nonpublic Schools Early Childhood Development Program (NSECD) directly by:

bullet Contacting the State Office


Click Here to read a recent article written about the LA NSECD Program, describing it's continued success and progress.

If you are applying to an NSECD school in Orleans Parish, you will need to complete your application through the OneApp system. The link to apply online is If you would prefer to complete a paper-based application, you should contact your participating school(s) of choice and complete the application there. Please contact the NSECD office if you have any questions regarding this process.


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Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered through this Web site or if you would like to speak to a NSECD staff member.


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Lindsey Bradford / Program Director
Louisiana Department of Education / Office of Disctrict Support / Nonpublic Schools Early Childhood Development Program (NSECD)